Holset Turbocharger Actuator Remanufacturing 2018-04-05T03:27:51+00:00

Holset Turbocharger Actuator Remanufacturing

Why choose Captus for your remanufacturing needs?

  • An extremely high remanufacturing success rate!
  • Sandblast and replace wiring harnesses, so everything you get back to new condition.
  • Thoroughly disassembled, high failure items are automatically replaced and other high failure items are repaired regardless of condition.
  • Extremely fast turnaround on any size of any order.
  • 6-month warranty.
  • Extensive 4 stage-testing / quality assurance process for any remanufactured product leaving our facility.
  • Each device is accompanied by a test and verification test report

Which actuators can we currently repair?

  • HE351VE 2007-2012 Cummins
  • HE300VG 3012> Cummins
  • Cummins ISX