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The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.


Captivating data management

Captus was built to help bridge the technological gaps in businesses current processes and to help companies realize a higher return on what they already have. When it comes to technology, you should never assume anything is impossible.

Captus CRM is currently responsible for helping manage $50M+ worth of business and has contributed to huge cost savings to our customers and allowing them to better serve their customers. Users around the world trust the Captus CRM to deliver the results that drive their businesses.

Captus CRM is scaleable to fit your companies specific requirements.

Business Intelligence


Captus’s Platform of Integrated solutions, enables businesses to simplifies operations, continuously innovate and stay ahead of their competition. Create more efficient processes, deliver robust reporting and analytics, Decrease time to value and facilitate faster, more confident decisions.

Who We Are


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Decision Making

Enabling Businesses to Make smarter decisions

Captus’s Platform of Integrated solutions bring agility and efficiency to business operations by unifying your business and financial operations and bring visibility to your organization. Captus’s Platform also optimizes production planning, project management, operations and activity scheduling, and cost management.

What Our Clients are Saying

Since implementing Captus CRM in May 2015, Pat’s Auto Supply has realized a significant increase in new accounts as well as a notable improvement in customer satisfaction; both of which we attribute to the improved communication provided by this solution.

Kyle van Polen, Pat’s Auto Supply

Captus CRM has allowed us to grow our business, increase our service levels, and improve company
communications. Well worth the investment , it would be hard to live without!

Zara Wishloff, APD

support team at Captus has always been incredibly accessible to us and effective at resolving any complications we experienced in installing and operating their software.
Overall, we are very impressed with the value we are receiving from Captus CRM and would unreservedly recommend them to any auto parts distributor looking to improve communication and increase efficiency in their organization.

Kyle van Polen, Pat’s Auto Supply

Our Services

Captus offers a digital platform of integrated products tailored to meet the needs of corporations and small business.

Data Management

Management and Migration of data from any platform

Cloud Storage

Store all of your user data on the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere


Limitless development capabilities to meet your requirements

API Integration

Seamless Integration with various applications and websites

Data Security

All Data is encrypted with the highest level of security

Custom Electronics

We develop custom electronics solutions for a variety of industries

Data Reporting

Custom reporting for all aspects of the CRM

Global Access

Access your CRM on a mobile device, tablet or laptop anywhere

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